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The Cyberspace-Networks > CoreSystem has be explicitly designed to be modified, customized, extended and taken over by other programmers to be put to their own uses.

Architecturally APIs have been built in to allow for selected usage of any feature or access to any data structure within the system.

The Themes all adhere to industry standard CSS and source code updating is offered for easy upgrading of later versions of the code.

Create Your Own Free Social Network Website!

Create your own free website with Cyberspace-Networks. Free subdomain included!


We are asking for your help to support Cyberspace-Networks!

If everyone reading this right now gave $5 our fundraising would be complete within one hour. Cyberspace-Networks is a non-profit with costs of a website, servers, staff and programs. We encourage users to join and become part of our network. Please help and support Cyberspace-Networks. Thank you!

Click here to lend your support to: CoreSystem and make a donation at !

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